Sonictel™ Login Help


Brings you to the web dashboard where you can control your personal extension's settings and features, including call forwarding, DND, voice mailbox messages, download software for advanced features such as CRM Connect, Call Center-Agent, Call Center-Supervisor, Receptionist and more.


My Account

Brings you to the web dashboard specifically for account administrative functions, such as, activating and deactivating users & features, resetting passwords, controlling open and closed time frames, changing automated greetings, reviewing call record details, optional call recordings and more.


My Fax

Brings you to the web dashboard for the vFax portal where you can send and receive faxes, review archived faxes, download desktop software and find instructions on how to send and receive faxes via email.



Brings you to the web dashboard where you can view and pay your invoices for a single location or multiple location enterprise, enroll in auto-pay, update credit card information, view and print reports detailing your calling patterns and metrics.  You can also open a billing inquiry, make requests, print invoices and check account history.



Brings you to our Support Portal.  If you haven't registered yet, please take a moment and click the "Sign up with us" button to register with us for free. 

Once registered and logged in, you will gain valuable access to our extensive knowledge base, training video's, user manuals and industry solutions.  Here you can also track and view your support requests history and more.

Please note: you can still open a new support ticket, without registering first, by clicking on the "New support ticket" button.