Sonictel™ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is there a term commitment for your service?
We provide our services on both month-to-month and term commitments basis.  If you are renting phone equipment, looking to defer upfront cost, extend service coverage, etc. you may be interested in our term commitments, but it's certainly not required.  We're more than happy to earn your business and trust one day at a time!

Will my phone service go down when switching to Sonictel?
No, your new phones will be completely functional and installed along side your old equipment.  We'll switch your local and toll free phone numbers over once you're ready to receive calls on your new phones.

Do I need deskphones or can I use my computer and mobile/tablet apps for your service? 
You do not need a physical deskphone anymore, if you choose.  Our service will fully work with only your computer and/or mobile apps.  We in fact, have many clients who use primarily their apps and/or desktop/laptop computers with a headset, and very few deskphones.

Do I need to rewire my office with expensive CAT5 data wiring to use the new IP desk phones?
No, and you have many options to choose.  You can share the CAT5 data wire that currently goes to your computer, use our media adapter kit to reuse all your existing phone wiring, use the Yealink phones with optional WiFi module and connect any/all of your new Yealink IP phones over your existing office/home WiFi.  We'll be happy to consult and recommend the best connection(s) method based on your specific needs and budget.

If my internet goes out what happens to my service?
Since the Sonictel™ Cloud is always up, you will never lose a call or message.  Calls can go to your mailbox, call forward to an external number, ring your mobile app or desktop pc.

Can I keep my current local and toll free numbers?
Yes, you own your local and toll free telephone numbers and we will port them over to our service.

Can I integrate Sonictel Cloud PBX with my CRM software?
Yes, we integrate with most all of the leading CRM software services, including Salesforce, ACT, Goldmine, Connectwise and many more.  To learn more click here.

Who is Sonictel™?
Sonictel™ is a MSP (managed service provider) that provides cloud pbx services through our global relationship with Broadsoft.  Our headquarters and call centers are located in the greater New York City Metro area.

Who is Broadsoft™?
Broadsoft™ is a Cisco company and the world's largest provider of cloud communications services to over 26 millions users in 80+ countries.

How can my company become a Certified Sonictel Partner?
Reach out to our team regarding the Certified Partner Onboarding here

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and ACH payments.

Do you do installations and training for our new system?
Yes, Sonictel™ will come on-site and install your new phone equipment.  In addition, we will train you and your staff on the use of your new cloud pbx services and features

Do you have a Free Trial so I can test your service?
Yes, we provide two fully licensed Premium Seats for 30 days.  You can use these services free of charge on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Windows PC or Apple MAC PC.  We don't include the desktop phones as part of the free trial.  Learn more here.

Do I have to purchase the IP desktop phones from you?
No, you can BYOD (bring your own device), however, it must be compatible with our service and will require an initial programming fee to work with our service.  Our telephone sets are priced very competitively and guaranteed to work perfectly with our service.  We always recommend contacting us before purchasing any equipment to insure compatibility and pricing.

How long does it take to install once I sign the agreement?
We can have you up and running in 7-10 business days.  Faster if needed.

Do you have special pricing for Schools and Non-Profits?
Yes, we have special discounted pricing for schools and non-profits.  Please contact our sales team for more information.

Do you support E911 calling?
Yes, each device is registered to a specific address.

Does the mobile app use Wifi or cellular?
Our mobile app's have a setting that will let you select Wifi or Cellular on a call-by-call basis, so you can choose the best connection as needed.

Will my mobile app work internationally?
Yes, your app will work while traveling internationally.  We suggest connecting via Wifi for free calling or if needed cellular (however you cellphone carrier may charge additional for roaming) to make/receive calls just like if you were in the office.

Does your software run on Windows or MAC computers?
Our UC-One software has versions that will run on Windows and/or MAC computers.

What type of on-going support do you provide?
We provide free remote help desk, programming and ongoing support.  On-Site support is also available under contract or for a fee. 

If I need to change an extension name or reset a password will I be charged for this?
No, all remote changes are provided free of charge.

What is the best way to get support?
You can open a support ticket by emailing with your request or visiting our support portal at  You can also call us local 914-595-1400 or Toll Free 1-844-SONICTEL (1-844-766-4283) Monday to Friday 8AM to 8PM EST.

Do you provide Emergency after hours support?
Yes, we provide 24 Hour Emergency Support by calling local 914-595-1400 or Toll Free 1-844-SONICTEL (1-844-766-4283).  Select Emergency Support from the options menu.

Do you provide IT Support services on computers such as window servers, printers or virus removal?
No, Sonictel™ does not provide IT services, however, we would be happy to refer you to one of our Certified Partners who provides those services in your area.

Can I use my fax machine with your service?
Yes, we provide vFax services, which will enhance your fax experience.  To learn more click here.

I have an alarm security system, can I connect that to your system?
Yes, however, most security companies will request/require a POTS Line ( Plain Old Telephone Service Line) for your alarm system(s). Some alarm systems will only work with the older POTS Line technology. We suggest first speaking with your Security Company and follow their professional advise.

I have a postage machine, can I connect that to your service?
Yes, however, some older older postage machines may need to be updated.  Newer postage machines will already have direct Internet connections.

I have a credit card machine, can I connect that to your service?
Yes, however, some older credit card machines may need to be updated.  Newer credit card machines already have direct Internet connections.

Can you provide Telephone Lines for my existing phone system?
Yes, we provide Digital Phone Lines, that will replace your existing POT's lines.  Our lines are provided over your existing Internet connection and come with the same and additional features such as star codes and web portal admin.  Our customers typically enjoy a monthly savings between 40-80% when compared to traditional POTS lines.  To learn more click here.

How much data does cloud pbx use when I'm on a call?
Very little, approx. 80Kbps Up/Down.  That's approx. 12 calls per MB (megabit).  So if you have a typical internet connection speed of 65MB, that would support 780 simultaneous calls.

What is a QoS Router / Firewall and do I need one?
QoS (Quality of Service) Router / Firewall is similar to the router that your cable Internet company provides with many additional features, specifically the prioritizing of voice traffic and email traffic, etc. over other types of Internet traffic such as social media, video & music streaming etc.  This insures that the most important traffic is always top priority.  We recommend our Sonictel­™ SD-WAN QoS Firewall/Router for offices with 10 or more telephones.  If you have a router such as a Sonicwall, Cisco Meraki, etc. that is provided by an IT Consultant Firm, it will most likely will have all these features.

Does Sonictel provide Internet Backup using 4G-LTE Cellular Service?
Yes, we have Nationwide Agreements with AT&T and Verizon to provide Internet backup using our Cellular 4G-LTE Service for both voice and data, which includes one Static IP.  With Sonictel™ Cellular Backup, your business stays up and running even if your landline Internet Circuit drops out. To learn more click here.

If a deskphone is at another location, can I still dial it just as an extension call?
Yes, your extensions will work the same whether in the same physical location or another location.

Do you provide T1 and PRI Circuits?
Yes, we provide PRI circuits nationwide for existing PBX System trunking.  We can provide (DID's) local phone numbers from anywhere is the United States.  To learn more click here.

If I move, can I take my Sonictel Cloud PBX telephone sets and telephone numbers to my new location?
Yes, your Sonictel Cloud PBX telephones sets and numbers can function anywhere there is high speed Internet.

I'm ready to order service, what's my next step?
Just give us a call at 914-595-1400 or 1-844-766-4283 or click the "Request More Information" button at the bottom of this page.